Burn The Ships

A song for new beginnings…

The song is based on this legend:

There are differing perceptions about what happened to Hernán Cortés’s ships. Some think that he burned the vessels, and others believe he beached them.[10] The notion that he burned his ships did not become accepted until 250 years later.[10] However, Bernal Díaz del Castillo, while attending an expedition with Cortés, gives reason to believe that Cortés ran them ashore.[10] In a letter to King Charles, Cortés states that his ships were incapable of sailing, telling his men the reason was shipworm.[10] However, after establishing the town of Vera Cruz, five Aztec emissaries arrived which made Cortés anxious to visit Tenochtitlán.[11] Therefore, he destroyed all of his ships but one, which he sent back to Spain for King Charles.[10] The fear of his men returning to Cuba, rather than embarking on the journey to the Aztec Empire, made him decide to demolish his ships.[12] They no longer had an option but to accompany him on this journey. This decision brought about severe consequences because Cortés had trapped himself in Mexico.


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