The ABCs of Happy Relationships

Nice list. I would have used Openness and Trust but there are so many good options.


A is for Accepting (each other as is)
B is for Believing (in each other)
C is for Communication
D is for Discretion
E is for Encouragement
F is for Fighting Fair
G is for Giving
H is for Harmony (meeting halfway)
I is for (occasional) Indulgences
J is for Joint Hobbies
K is for Kindness
L is for Loving
M is for Money Matters
N is for Noshing
O is for (maintaining) Own Interests
P is for Physical
Q is for Quiet
R is for Respect
S is for Shielding
T is for Time (spent together)
U is for Understanding
V is for Visceral
W is for (leaving) Work at Work
X is for Xany
Y is for (being) Yourself
Z is for Zest

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