Lessons to myself

Another promising blog and blogger to follow…

Today is the beginning of my new life

You might have noticed that somehow, instead of being an account of how I do things differently every day, this blog is becoming a manual of lessons. Lessons to myself.

I am a fan of Brancusi (a great sculptor long dead). He would let the stone or wood “speak to him” and would work it in accordance with the material’s own behavior, lines, nature … until the piece of art would emerge.

In the same way, I don’t want to push the direction that my blog takes. I want to let it become what it will and if it is a set of lessons, then be it.

To be honest, I have thought about creating my own therapy for some time now. In many of my blog posts, I use the tag “self-therapy”, “writing-therapy”, “photo/therapy”, “therapy-Brancusi-style”, “flasher-therapy”, “insecure exhibitionist’s therapy” and probably some more. This is because I have long…

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