Learning & Love at 60: Quite the Trip.

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Mary Katherine's Musings

light heart clouds summer Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What does it mean to be in loving, authentic relationship with another human being?

If you had asked some 450 days ago, I would have readily offered answers and shared very definitive opinions on the subject. I have always been a keen observer of (not participator in) the rare and exotic qualities found among a handful of very fortunate couples. I thought I understood the territory of love and intimacy well. I knew nothing.

Learning to be in loving, intimate, and authentic relationship for the very first time at 60 has proven to be quite the head and heart trip – and a journey laden with paradox.

  • It is a solo journey and it is taken in the company of this chosen other.
  • I feel younger than I’ve felt in decades and I think I’m too old for this shit.
  • Love is a wildly exhilarating…

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One thought on “Learning & Love at 60: Quite the Trip.

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  1. 60 is a wonderful age starting new at whatever you want. Hat a journey!!!
    My takeaway? It’s never too late for nothing/anything :)


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