Unfuck yourself in 1…2…3…

Gary John Bishop writes:

I often get messages from people who want to change their lives or are working on changing their lives or that they just CAN’T change their lives. Many ask for help or advice on how they can “Unfuck” themselves. Here it is… Unfucking yourself isn’t a thing. It’s not a linear process with a beginning and an end, in fact quite the opposite in many ways. There’s no “Unfuckedville” at the end of the rainbow and all you have to do is get there. Basically, Unfucking Yourself is a way of life. It’s a constant interruption, of re-focus and re-alignment, of catching yourself in those moments when you’re about to do what you usually do and condemn yourself to the same old, same old life you have. Whether it’s losing your temper or selling out on your get-out-of-debt plan or… Continue reading: Unfuck yourself in 1…2…3…

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