Are You Telling Yourself Stories That Are Keeping You Stuck?

I don’t know anything about business, so how could I possibly succeed? I don’t want to get involved in ‘marketing’ because marketers are slicksters who try to get people’s money. When Kate Swoboda started working for herself, these are the stories she carried. She didn’t question them. Instead, she believed them wholeheartedly. She wholeheartedly believed that she innately didn’t understand business-related information, and clearly couldn’t succeed. She wholeheartedly believed that marketing was bad and always used as a manipulative ploy. Many of us do the same. Our stories just have different subjects. For instance, according to Swoboda, spouses may carry the story “I’m just not in love anymore,” making it that much harder to work on their marriage. New moms may carry the story “If I’m not always paying attention to my child, she’s missing out on my love,” losing themselves and their happiness. All of these are examples of limiting stories. Limiting stories are internalized beliefs: Are You Telling Yourself Stories That Are Keeping You Stuck?

What do you think?

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