Acceptance – Coming to terms with reality.

I like this blogger…

The Unmisunderstood

How do you react to the things you can’t prepare for?…

Very late last year, just before Christmas, the sight in my right eye became blurred. It was manageable at first, when the haze wasn’t so bad, but over the course of a few weeks it gradually got worse, to the point my sight essentially became half clear and half hazy. It was at that point, about a week into January this year, I admitted I couldn’t ignore it anymore, no amount of ‘it’ll get better by itself’ was going to work, and so I finally dragged myself to the hospital.

As some may know, and some may not, I’ve had a tumour sitting behind my right eye for the past four years. You wouldn’t know it was there looking at me, but it is, and though, for the most part, I’ve been able to live with it, it’s also…

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