The Year of Compassion and Revision

2017 was a tough one; divorce, foreclosure, underemployment but somehow I am still here. Like this writer, I have found peace in attempting to let go…

The Grounded Things

2017 has been one heck of a year! It’s been a year full of exciting moments; angry moments; pure sad moments; and pure joyous moments. It all deals with compassion and revision. The tender moments that I’ve experienced this year has lead to new perspectives and changes for myself. It really has been a struggle, but I’ve learned a lot about dealing with stuff known as mess. Words of wisdom: Holding onto mess will only make your life messier; therefore, let the mess pass you by.

Mess is a term used by southerners to describe quantities of fish, messy situations, or something plain stupid. I’m using it to describe the situations of life in which case can get under your skin and rub you raw. It rubs you raw until you finally have enough, and causes you to spiral into a deep, dark pit of anger and sorrow. I’ve…

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