Find Your Lane. You Will Thrive There.

I love posts that quote Dr. Seuss well…

Accepting The Peace

Growing up, I struggled with comparison. And , if I am not aware, my mind still gets in that trap today.

Look at him, he has everything he ever wanted. 

Look at her, she has the job I want, 

He’s reached a place in his career that I would kill for. 

They have the car I would love to have.

Man I wish I had their life, they just seem so successful and peaceful. 

We’ve all been there, right?

We see other people’s lives through rose-colored glasses, and if we are not careful, it breeds jealousy and tells us every place we are not measuring up.

Each one of us has been set on a path unique to us. We all have things pre – made within us that only we carry. I love this quote:

This quote use to irritate me .

Why do people keep telling me to be…

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