Holiday Blues

Well said…


I’m not sure why,

But something is awry.

As Christmas and New Years approaches,

The ‘happiest time of the year’

I feel a creeping sadness

Not unshakeable cheer

I feel sadness for those who are alone,

Those who are in pain

Those who have lost

Stuck helpless in the rain.

The holidays should not be about the biggest present we receive,

Or how well we do as party hosts,

They should be about giving and kind gestures

To those who need them most.

So this year, I ask you

How will you help someone who is hurting?

Will you give a warm hug,

Send them a candy cane?

Listen to their story,

Hear their true pain?

The holidays are easy and breezy for many

But for some, this time of year can pierce like a dart

So just remember that no gesture is too little,

When it comes from the…

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