An invitation to you: Try this when you feel like running away from the present.

And then there’s this…

Live your truth

Life is here. So many of us struggle to stay here though. And therefore, to feel the joy and love of life that the present offers.

I invite you to try this following exercise, read the entire section before you begin.

Close your eyes and feel your feet. Don’t put any words on what you’re feeling, just feel. Then after a few seconds or so, just observe what is really going on in your head. What is it that makes the thoughts fly into the future or go back to the past? Fears? Worries? Regrets? Unforgiveness? Don’t judge it as good or bad, just observe it. Remember that whatever is going on, you have the power to heal that now. If you want to, you can do this visualization: Place a bin next to your head. Now let everything in your head that you no longer want there to go…

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