How Often Do You Visit ‘The Space Between’?

True story…

Little Umph Wellness

Some things in life hit us like a force of nature and can generate pressures so great that eruption seems almost imminent. However, contrary to Mother Nature’s untameable volcanoes, we possess a unique gift – the power to choose: to explode or not to explode….

There’s no doubt that when we are tired, stressed out, fed up and beaten down with all of the uncontrollable obstacles in life: unrealistic workloads, insurmountable expectations, unforeseen challenges or just dealing with difficult people, the chances of responding impulsively or uncharacteristically exploding (remember the Chimp), are extremely high.

The trouble is, when we go volcano and respond with full force, we inevitably put ourselves at risk of causing significant destruction, the aftermath of which may take a long time to repair and recover. People do not ‘forgive and forget’ easily, so any outburst could tarnish your reputation and leave you feeling disappointed that…

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