Five Ways to Be a Friend to Yourself and Why This is Important

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Love is Stronger

We don’t always realize it, but how we treat ourselves, what we say to ourselves, and what we think about ourselves tremendously impacts us. We are the closet person to us, and so if we treat ourselves in a continually hostile or cruel manner, it can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and worthlessness.

On the other hand, if we treat ourselves with continual compassion, support, and respect, we can create a safe and loving space for ourselves. This space is a refuge in the worst of times and a joyful abode in our life in general.

Unfortunately, many of us receive very little training in how to be a good friend to ourselves. Perhaps this is because we (i.e. people in general) have a general dislike of selfishness, egocentricity, and narcissism (for good reason), and perhaps we worry that too much friendship with ourselves will lead to these undesirable…

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