Understand Your Masks and Filters

Understand Your Masks and Filters
You are pure Soul in a body on Earth. @gurusinghdaily (Click to Tweet!)
You know the world you know, but you know it through the masks and filters of how you know what you know — people, places and things you know — emotions you feel — the history the anticipation that you remember and project.

Explained at a yogic and quantum level, the world you know is not a world you know. It’s a world you think your know and feel familiar with, but even the known factors — the ones you’re certain of — are unknown. It’s all a psycho-emotional puzzle made up of masks and filters that manage; control; guide, and carry you through your physical experience…enjoying what you experience with joy , and fearing what you anticipate with fear.

In order to change your experience, you must access the fundamentals of your human being… get down under the “hood”…alter the masks and the filters that alter your experience.
When you gain access to this ‘self-sensory’ programming, you’re able to alter the nature of the ‘Self’ itself. This is one of the many results of a daily meditation practice. With practice, you ultimately realize that everything about your life can be formed and transformed perfectly from what you already have. Everything works — even the challenging lessons that you go through are, in fact, perfect raw material to build into dreams and purpose. Your cosmology (journey of the Soul) and your genealogy (journey of your ancestry) are all contributing perfectly to this perfection. Everything you experience has been set in place… established with all your masks and filters… created with the known and unknown…and done precisely…there are no mistakes.

Our prayer is that you get “under the hood” of your life; that you make absolutely certain to understand each of your masks and filters; that you begin to cooperate with your mastery so that you can graduate from this mystery.
There’s a higher level of living in this world you live in…it’s a world without masks; a world without filters, and it un-puzzles the puzzle. It ascends to the level of a human being, being humane… it’s the freedom of being a perfect Soul in human form…on Earth to transform.

Guru Singh  is a world-renowned yoga instructor,  author , musician, and family man. Guru Singh works with the Dalai Lama, teaches with Tony Robbins, and has  recorded an album  with Grammy® Award-winning artist Seal. He can also be found on  Facebook  and  Twitter .

Check out Guru Singh’s most recent book: Buried Treasures: The Journey From Where You Are to Who You Are .

Image courtesy of Matthew Kane .

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