Watch Your Language!

However the main reason to pick your words carefully is for yourself. We constantly hear ourselves describing ourselves and although it may be unconscious, we choose particular words to describe ourselves and our deeds. If you are someone who minimises themselves on a regular basis this is how you and others will see you. You may create the belief that you are “only” or “just” or “quite” rather than powerfully occupying who you are in whatever role you have chosen for yourself. Drop those qualifiers. Additionally, don’t use frightening or exaggerating words when describing a forthcoming event that you are not looking forward to. If you describe a visit to the doctor or dentist as horrid or scary, then like as not this is how it will be for you. Incidentally, many parents prejudice their children prior to inoculations or having to take medicine by telling their children how awful it will be. Don’t do it.

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