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    There are several posts today that I was going to do…
    Rest assured, the inspiration will not be lost while in favor of sending out this post today. :-D
    Mars/Sun conjunction in Gemini in my 5th house has me healing deeply and less deeply, even on the crusted over surface. I’ve been all fired up in the best way to create and paint and love all aspects of creation which have visited me throughout the years. I’ve been having a varied experience, and I am grateful for every *like* every comment, everyone who has been inspired by visiting or knowing Fiestaestrellas – in any way. My desire to hug you – all your beautiful trees, families, tears, visions… the moon has slipped into Gemini… and we are so fortunate for the levity while Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio. Everyone in the neighborhood here is having a party of some sort! I’ve got to get back to studying, and secretly smiling all the time. Trust that you will keep your forward momentum, even if it looks like you are back-tracking… you are GOING DEEPER. BIG HUGS to all of you who inspire me EVERY DAY with your creations, your suggestions, your ability and capacity to be inspired, feel loved, feel supported, and flow with your warrior self into your own self-mastery. We are here to overcome & to love. I love my rainbow tribe!


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