I'm Calming The F#ck Down

So, remember my conversation about shifting my signal, inviting more into my life, and saying HELL YES more often?

Hot damn. It is crackin’ up in here. CR-A-CK-ING.

The ceiling can’t hold me. The roof is on fire. My hands are in the air. I’m jumping around. Pushing it. There is magic happening. I’m not lost, I’m ready to Show.The.World.

Okay, if you haven’t yet caught on, I: a) have a major affection to song titles (see my spotify playlists for evidence), and b) I’m not just ready to show the world, I’m ready to share it, this new learning, with anyone and everyone. It’s just too damn powerful to keep all to myself.

Rubber, meet Road. Road, this is rubber. Get to know each other, we’re going to spend some solid time in contact for the next several decades.

Why? Magic is happening people. Miracles. And I…

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