Forgotten Ireland, captured on 16mm film 60 years ago

The Ireland of ‘The Quiet Man’!

The first takes you through the Irish countryside near Carna, Clifden and Galway. Feast your eyes on everyday scenes of a world that’s no more: a boy on his donkey; women walking a country road, some covering their faces with scarves to hide from the camera; a man harvesting seaweed; a rowboat excursion; a sheep feasting on grass; people peering out of thatched cottages; cows in a field; a curious dog running up to the camera; and a vintage car (you can join the debate on the make, model and year) navigating its way over a bridge.

via Forgotten Ireland, captured on 16mm film 60 years ago (VIDEOS) –

The second video captures the sights and sounds of Dublin in the 1950s. No soundtrack here, just the revving of motors, the chatter of passersby, and the clip clop of horse-drawn carts as they travel down the cobble stone streets.

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