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The latest in the category of Fun with Maps comes from London’s Daily Mail:

A truly captivating map that shows the ancestry of everyone of the 317 million people who call the melting pot of America home can now be seen on a U.S. Census Bureau map. …

Although the 2010 census left out questions about ethnicity, this map shows how it looked in 2000, according to Upworthy.

You’ll notice that all but three of Wisconsin’s 72 counties (and, for that matter, nearly every county in states around Wisconsin) are depicted as having Germans as their largest ethnic group. One exception is Menominee County, home of the Menominee tribe. The other two are Vernon and Tremepealeau counties, which have more Norwegians than anything else.

About us Krauts, the Daily Mail says:

49,206,934 Germans

By far the largest ancestral group, stretching from coast to coast across 21st century America is German…

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