How do YOU observe 9/11?

5 thoughts on “How do YOU observe 9/11?

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      1. In short, the means do not fit the end. The terrorist act in and of itself was truly atrocious, but the overall reaction from the U.S. Government was equally horrific. I had a close friend who ran into ground zero to help remove rubble and help victims. He developed a serious illness as a result and he was unable to afford the medication required. Furthermore, the government and hospitals refused aid to him. So, I don’t mind if one celebrates the heroic acts of the hoi polloi, or common man, but the date itself should not be observed when the government can’t even help its own.


      2. I think I understand what you’re saying and I cannot say that I disagree. That’s why this quote is such a great one — it focuses on a healthy way to remember 9/11 by being loving and compassionate toward others…


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