A Better Way to Stop Negative Self Talk

Dumb Little Man writes:

Admit it.
You’ve tried everything and still your inner gremlin is destined to outlive your earthly existence.
You’ve tried resisting it.
You’ve tried ignoring it.
You’ve tried to replace it with a more positive, cuddly gremlin. You’ve even tried intimidating it.
Nevertheless it persists, immortal and ever present, torturing you with negativity, doubt, and using its familiarity with you to exploit your deepest, darkest fears.

You ask yourself what you have to do to evict this little monster from your brain.
Well, if you’ve tried everything else, I’d like to suggest a different solution for you. Instead of trying to resist your gremlin, why not embrace it?
Impossible? I beg to differ.
Here’s a three-step plan to developing a positive relationship with your inner gremlin: A Better Way to Stop Negative Self Talk – by Dumb Little Man

What do you think?

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