People Change

Lately I have been seeing that if I can just wait for 3 days, most disturbances will settle and life returns to forward movement. I don’t have to fix things immediately. I can live for 3 days — one day at a time. Things don’t have to be perfect in the meantime…

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      1. I don’t know what you mean by “dignity of choice” but I really haven’t found any solution other than trying to be aware of the way things are so that I don’t feel like a complete idiot when this happens… :/


      2. To me, ‘dignity of choice’ means preserving my right to be responsible and response-able. I think that when pain happens, there are only two things we can control; our perception or our procedures. Sometimes, thinking different is all it takes. Other times, we may need to amend our ways. Dignity of choice though means we are still in control and are still response-able. Does that help?


      3. oh, ok, you seem to be one of the “we always have control/choice etc” kind of person… that’s fine of course, but I’m not one of that kind… :/


      4. How does that work for you? I’d much rather believe that when I feel pain I can relieve it by changing my perception or my procedures. This give me the dignity of choice instead of feeling like a helpless victim of circumstances…


      5. yeah, at points I too try to think that way… problem is when I really truly are not in control of a situation, then it feels more like a burden to think that “it’s up to me” to fix it when it clearly isn’t. In my opinion there are times in life where we are more or less a victim. That said, I don’t believe in totally giving up and I do try to make the best of every situation to the best of my ability. I don’t view sometimes feeling as a victim as something automatically negative. It might as well mean that you are brave enough to see the truth and do something about it and be honest about your feelings etc….


      6. I used to agree with you. Now, I prefer to think that I am response-able in all situations although I pray that my higher power won’t test me too soon and too rigorously on this!!!


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