My buddy Ronnie Bincer brought this Hangout on Air [HoA] to my attention…

Ronnie’s already done a thorough analysis that I’ll share here:

Why it is different, how to maximize it for your business be it small or large. +Google+ Your Business with +Caroline McCarthy as the HOA host guides the Featured Panel Members: +Chris Brogan, +Mike Elgan, +Chad Wiebesick, & +Justin Williams in a great discussion on how G+ works for business.

Very, VERY Insightful Stuff here…

Chris has some great points and states them very eliquently… Mike at 23:42 speaks about how you can Use Google+ Search to enter into a conversation about a topic with thought leaders or enthusiasts, it really struck a chord with me, Fantastic Business Strategy +Mike Elgan

The main challenge with Mike’s point/strategy is if you are working G+ as a Page, you can’t necessarily join in the conversation, you need to do that as a Profile… one thing I still find troubling about Google+… a point +Chris Brogan speaks to at 34:12 and talks about how a business should have a solid ‘bench’ ready to interact as Profiles before engaging as a Brand Page.

Plenty of useful tips and a little encouragement to get Chris’s Book Google+ for Business. This is one of the best videos put out by Google+ Your Business to date IMO… check it out… it is just shy of 1 hour long… the real content starts at 2:00

52:13 Not wise to use G+ to drive traffic to your blog…. hmmmm. I like that idea, but there are plenty of folks that say that is Exactly why there are here! Love to hear +Chris Brogan or +Mike Elgan’s perspective on why they dropped that little ‘bomb’ at the end! Wouldn’t you? (“leave them wanting more”, eh?).

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