Dare to be selfish

pamperyourselfJason Moskovitz writes…

This is not a call to be careless or to be preoccupied with yourself. This is not a call to be full of yourself. I would argue that many of us are far less than full of ourselves. I urge you to fill your self up MORE.

We all have mothers. Many of them are naturally giving—often to a fault. In this day, mothers often find themselves parenting, working, and socializing at the same time, with less support from our communities when compared to traditional times when it literally took a village to raise a child.

Whether you are a parent, an artist, an athlete, or a giver of any kind—many of us can give too much. Maybe we give as part of our nature, maybe we focus on the needs of others as a way to distract from our own needs and desires.We burn ourselves out. We empty ourselves.

Now is the time to become self-centered. Focus on what makes you happy. Focus on what you want. Be that strongest link that holds your family, your workplace, and your community together for the long haul. Here are nine things to assist in filling yourself up…

Source: Dare to Be Selfish [BLOG] « Positively Positive

I have found recently that if you don’t take care of yourself in a healthy way it’s hard to take care of your responsibilities in a healthy way. Go to the source if you’d like to see the 9 ways…

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