Wingspan; Paul and Linda McCartney Documentary

As a lover of the Beatles and Wings, I don’t think Linda ever got enough credit for dragging Paul out of the gutter and getting him back on his feet.

When The Beatles broke up, Paul was depressed. For the past decade, his life had revolved around the band, and suddenly he found himself with nothing to do. He didn’t feel like writing music on his own, and he credits Linda for helping him get out of that dark spot. He said recently in an interview with Apple Music that he doesn’t want to imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t had her by his side to help him get over it. He got back to writing, made two amazing records, and then formed the band Wings with her. The song Maybe I’m Amazed on his debut album McCartney is dedicated to her, and it’s about how much he loves her and how grateful he is to her.

I love this documentary because it tells the story of Linda from the perspective of her daughter, documentarian Mary McCartney and her husband, legendary musician Sir Paul and the conversation between them is priceless!

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