7 Ancient Stoic Tenets To Keep In Mind Today And Every Day

Could some ancient and obscure pages—the private diaries of one of Rome’s greatest emperors (Marcus Aurelius), the personal letters of one of Rome’s best playwrights and wisest power brokers (Seneca), the lectures of a former slave and exile, turned influential teacher (Epictetus)—really contain anything relevant to modern life? The answer, it turns out, is yes. Source: 7 Ancient Stoic Tenets To Keep In Mind Today And Every Day

The tenets are:

Memento Mori: Live each day as if it were your last

Amor Fati: Love what is as if you had chosen it

Premeditatio Malorum: Prepare for the worst case scenario

Sympatheia: Think often on the mutual interdependence of all things

Summum Bonum: Think always of the highest good

The impediment to action advances action; what stands in the way becomes the way

Ego is the enemy..

What do you think?

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