The freedom to just be

Madison Sonnier writes:

Every now and then I stumble across a really inspiring article about accepting yourself just as you are instead of constantly looking for ways to change or be better. We live in a world that is very fixated on self-improvement. Self-improvement is great and all, but I agree that sometimes it can be exhausting and debilitating to get trapped in the, “I can be better” or “I’m not quite good enough” mindset.

I don’t like preachy wisdom. I don’t like it when people look down on others just because they’re in a different or “lesser” phase of their journey.

I suck at so many things. I suck at being a grown-up. I suck at being super fast-paced and productive. I suck at busting through fear and anxiety. I suck at finding new ways to be a better person. I suck at living life to the absolute fullest. And in a way, these facts can be helpful. In fact, most of you may be thinking, “You can be a better grown-up! You can be more productive! You can bust through fear and anxiety! You can be a better person! You can live life to the absolute fullest!”

And I’m sure you’re right. But I think you’re missing the point a little. In a lot of the articles I read about accepting yourself just as you are at any given moment, there’s still one little tidbit thrown in there about how you still have to change—about how not changing will make you miserable in one way or another. In other words, they’re kind of saying, “You’re enough just the way you are. But you should still figure out what you need to change.”

I don’t always feel like figuring out what I need to change. I don’t feel like comparing myself to other, more successful people. I don’t like feeling like I have to prove myself. Sometimes I just want the freedom to simply be. No change, no improvement, no self-abuse. Just pure, 100% acceptance of myself.

Today I give you permission to…

Accept yourself if you’re feeling weak.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling nervous.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling scared.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling clueless.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling unsuccessful.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling lazy.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling stuck.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling angry.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling bored.

Accept yourself if you’re feeling less than you think you should be.

When you stop judging yourself completely, you leave more room to love yourself. I’m speaking from experience when I tell you that positive growth always blossoms when I treat myself with love, kindness and patience. When I judge myself, I hate myself. Nothing good or positive ever comes out of hating myself or comparing myself to others. That may work for some people, but it doesn’t work for me.

And believe it or not, there is more right with you than wrong with you. At least that’s what Jon Kabat-Zinn says.

I choose not to judge myself today.

via Journey of a Soul Searcher: The freedom to just be.

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