Why 2011 will be the year of social-media convergence

2011 will be the year of convergence and integration. Fueled partially by consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, and partially by API mashups, we’ll see huge progress in unifying social communication. We’ve been talking about “one-to-one marketing” for 20 years, but in 2011 we’ll finally start to see it become a reality.

Nearly every major announcement and R&D trend in the social industry revolves around adding data or layers of connectivity. Just in the past few weeks you have Facebook integrating e-mail, PostRank integrating Facebook data, Bing integrating Facebook data, Cotweet integrating with ExactTarget (they’re clients of mine), and several others.

Soon, we’ll be able to send an e-mail just to customers that clicked a particular bit.ly link on Twitter. We’ll be able to send a Facebook status message just to customers who visited a particular page on our website. By combining what we know about our customers and prospects and friends across multiple social outposts, we’ll end up with a centralized view of each of our connections. This finally will give us the ability to in a meaningful way segment our social communication. Today, Twitter is the same as the “batch and blast” e-mail campaigns of the past, when every subscriber got the same message, regardless of their preferences and purchase history. It’s going to change.

Social media will become targetable.

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