On missed opportunities

This morning as I was roaring down the highway heading to Planet Fitness, I looked over to my right and in an instant, I took in a wonderful sight: two swans swimming over a mirror-like pond with a full moon setting in the background. An image of a lifetime. I reacted too slowly to capture it though and in my mind I began to think over alternatives: I could backup along the side of the road, but it was too far. I could come back tomorrow morning, but I checked the weather and the forecast is overcast. Still, I drove on with full moon playing peekaboo behind buildings and trees beckoning for me to come closer. I decided to go for the next best thing at that point and I took a detour down to Silver Beach where I took these pictures. In between the time at the pond and the time it took to get to the beach, however, the moon was almost gone…

Beautiful images to be sure but is there a takeaway here? Perhaps one of my favorites: take advantage of the unique opportunity. Nothing can make up for the moment that is lost! As Thich Nhat Hanh famously said ‘I will die soon. You will die soon. This moment is all we have’…

Come sit with me

I’m a lucky guy. I live in Michigan in an unincorporated area called Lake Michigan Beach. Days like yesterday make me think I’m really blessed to be here! Come and sit with me on this bench and we’ll count the waves together…

No line on the horizon

I’ll never be as good as David Kanigan — the student has become the master. His ‘Cove Island Park’ series is unbeatable! In any case, I try to get down to Hagar Shore park to watch the sunset as often as I can. Today was a ‘no line on the horizon’ day where I really couldn’t tell where the lake ended and the horizon began.

The Mackinac Bridge: Bringing the Two Parts of Michigan Together Since 1957

Mega Projects finally takes a look at Michigan’s engineering marvel. Here’s a short, entertaining history of the Mighty Mac:

Riding the Pere Marquette Trail

I took some time off yesterday to clear my head with one more epic bike ride of the season. Here’s some of what I saw along the way…

I love my Michigan…

Grand Sable Sunrise

Grand Sable Dunes Sunrise by Craig Sterken Photography. Craig captured this spectacular sunrise in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore over Grand Sable Dunes on the shores of Lake Superior: Grand Sable Sunrise

Grand Sable Dunes Sunrise by Craig Sterken Photography

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