How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes

My friend Eric Kim at Twylah shared this most excellent TEDTalk with me yesterday. Watch it!

Here are the 5 questions that Adam Leipzig offers…

The 5 Questions...

What do you think? Helpful? Overly simplistic? Tell me…

Here’s a bonus list of my ‘on purpose’ videos…

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Google Living Stories

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Image by wallyg via Flickr

Google is like the Lucy van Pelt of media. She is quoted as saying “I’m torn between the desire to create and the desire to destroy.”…

“Today, a new Google project popped up in Google Labs (Google Labs) that is a unique extension of this effort. It’s called Living Stories, and its goal is to provide a new and efficient way to read news coverage on breaking stories from one location. Oh, and it’s enlisted The New York Times and the Washington Post for help.” Source: Google and Top Newspapers Experiment with a New Way to Deliver the News


Another tool I’d be checking out if I were a news anchor!

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