How to Make Tea

How to Make Tea -

Lately, I have been turned on to the joy of loose leaf tea. My ‘tealologist’ Jenelle of Caffe Tlazo in Algoma, WI says that the tea we buy in the grocery store is the ‘hot dog‘ of teas made of from the floor sweepings of the good stuff. You can learn more about making good tea here: How to Make Tea – Ask Jenelle if you want to know more about buying good tea once you know how to make it…

Tastes As Good As Soda!

There isn’t only one type of tea – think of the many tea brews you’ve seen in their fancy packaging at the supermarket whilst you were on your way to the soda aisle (for instance).

There are teas scented or infused with flowers like rose and jasmine; herbs like peppermint and pandan; spices like vanilla, cinnamon and ginger; and even fruit like strawberry or orange.

Brew it strong, pour into a pitcher or a bottle and let it cool inside the fridge. If you want it sweet, add some honey.” via Tastes As Good As Soda! | FinerMinds.

Lately, I’ve been rocking the iced tea at home and at restaurants. It’s a great substitute for soda and beer and you can be very creative with it, too. Try sun-brewed tea, too!

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