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How to Cope with the Death of Google Reader

Sonia Simone at CopyBlogger has a post worth your attention on the death of Google Reader:

You know the stages.

First, denial. “No way, dude, that’s got to be a rumor.”

Then anger. “Don’t Be Evil my $%&! How could they do this to me?”

Bargaining. “Could a new version of Google Reader really save Digg?”

Depression. “I can haz no more LOLz.”

And finally, we come to acceptance. Yes, it’s true. Google Reader really is going away on July 1. So if you haven’t rustled up an alternative yet, it’s time.

If you’re a Google Reader user, obviously you need a new tool to read your subscriptions. We have a few thoughts for you on that.

But if you’re a content publisher, you’ll also need to make sure that your audience has a way to continue tuning in for everything you do.

Feel free to point your audience to this post, or you may want to craft a message of your own with more individualized suggestions for your audience’s needs. But be sure you send out a clear, specific call to action and keep those subscribers on board — no one wants to lose a big chunk of their audience just because a tool goes away.

via How to Cope with the Death of Google Reader | Copyblogger.

Frankly, I went through all these stages a month or so ago and happily shifted my attention to feedly which I had used as an alternative to Google Reader since 2009. I’m happy to say that the folks at feedly have really shone in stepping up as the only logical choice to replace Google Reader…

  • It syncs flawlessly in the cloud
  • You can automate it with now
  • It has better features and is more eye appealing than Google Reader

Take a look;

So, Google Reader — good riddance! feedly rocks…

PS I do NOT agree with Simone that email is a replacement for Google Reader! Email should be preserved for ‘just in time’ information; send the just in case stuff to feedly!

Feedly mobile is fixed!

…and everything is right in my ‘Personal News Aggregation’ universe. For about a week, I was having problems syncing my accounts on feedly and Google Reader and it was really frustrating — especially since it has always worked so well in the past. As you can see, however, my desktop version…

4-18-2013 3-18-41 PM

…is the same as my tablet version…


Nirvana!!! :-D


The best of ‘what I see’ for 12/10/2012

  1. Fact #5: The person who cares the most will often end up doing a task. If you care more about a task being done, you’re more likely to end up doing it—and don’t expect other people to care as much as you do, just because something is important to you. It’s easy to make this mistake in marriage. You think it’s important to get the basement organized, and you expect your spouse to share the work, but your spouse thinks, “We never use the basement anyway, so why bother?” Just because something’s important to you doesn’t make it important to someone else, and people are less likely to share work they deem unimportant. At least not without a lot of nagging.
  2. Of course, there can be an assortment of reasons why you’re not yet getting whatever it is you want. I’m going to suggest, however, that one of the reasons is that you haven’t done EVERYTHING that can be done. So, instead of feeling helpless and confused, revisit the situation at hand, and ask yourself – Are there projects that have yet to be completed? Are there to-do’s that have been patiently waiting to be crossed off of your list?
  3. “Believe in your epiphanies. Believe in your yourself. Take action. And watch the world conspire to support you.”Elise Ballard Learn more about Elise and her latest inspirational book at Photo and Art by Jenni Young & Bryant McGill
  4. Call home at least once a week. It’s a proven fact that we call home less the older we get. And that’s wrong. It should be the other way around. As we get older, our parents get older.
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    “Our opinions are castle walls, built to keep us safe.”
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    Stop Proving, Start Living. The Benefit of Getting Clear on How You Want to Feel.
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Top 20 TED Talks That Can Improve Your Life

“ recently released their list of the 20 most-watched TED talks to date, and while they have quite a few of the ones listed that can serve to improve your life, there are several out there that are on the list at deserve some mention.

So, we’ve decided to unveil what we believe to be the top 20 TED talks that can improve your life. And while there is some crossover on both lists, we feel that there are some that just deserve a little bit more of your attention. Enjoy!”

Get more here: Top 20 TED Talks That Can Improve Your Life.

The best of @toddlohenry for 8/20/2012

  1. “As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the…
    Mon, Aug 20 2012 06:42:37
  2. “Your life is meant to be filled with beauty.” Bryant McGill
    Mon, Aug 20 2012 06:42:37
  3. If it doesn’t work, if it doesn’t flow, maybe life is trying to tell us something. Life is a gentle teacher. She doesn’t always send neon road signs to guide us. Sometimes, the signs are more subtle. Something not working may be a sign! Let go. If we have become frustrated by repeated efforts that aren’t producing desired results, we may be trying to force ourselves down the wrong path. Sometimes, a differ­ent solution is appropriate. Sometimes, a different path opens up. Often, the answer will emerge more clearly in the quietness of letting go than it will in the urgency, frustra­tion, and desperation of pushing harder. Learn to recognize when something isn’t working or isn’t flowing. Step back and wait for clear guidance.

The best of @toddlohenry for 8/19/2012

  1. CLICK HERE for more life, love, friendship and inspiring quotes!
    Sun, Aug 19 2012 01:45:30
  2. “When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon my soul expands in worship of the Creator.”Mahatma Gandhi
    Sat, Aug 18 2012 06:12:01
  3. CLICK HERE for more life, love, friendship and inspiring quotes!
    Sat, Aug 18 2012 13:24:06
  4. “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”Henri Matisse
    Sun, Aug 19 2012 00:14:56
  5. The one person who most blocks you from a full, happy, and successful life is you. Yes, you yourself! He is therefore wise who makes himself an asset. We can be our own worst enemy or best friend. We can be a source of trouble or a cure for trouble. So if we feel empty, as many do, start getting free from yourself as a first step to vibrant living. Start by getting out of yourself. This method may be as simple as helping the next person you encounter. – Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Living
  6. “On the still calm waters of surrender, the reflections of clarity appear.” Bryant McGill
    Fri, Aug 17 2012 23:37:36
  7. Hut built over 5 years with salvaged materials, overlooking Lake Bonney in the southeast of South Australia. Submitted by Hugh Altschwager.
    Fri, Aug 17 2012 23:37:44
  8. “To move forward simply set your intentions, be grateful for what you have, be open to what is possible, and the rest just happens as a beautiful and effortless flow.” Bryant McGill
    Fri, Aug 17 2012 18:45:50

I added a list…

…of my favorites blogs and bloggers to the menu. On that list is a link you can click to add my sources to your Google Reader if you’d like. What? You’re not using Google Reader? Oh, wow! Comment, call or ‘connect’ so we can talk about how this applies to you and your organization…

Google And Multitasking: Friend Or Foe?


Get the answer here: Google And Multitasking: Friend Or Foe?.

The best of @toddlohenry for 7/17/2012

  1. “My life has been filled with misfortunes, most of which never happened.”- Mark Twain

    Sat, Jul 14 2012 15:18:31
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