An excerpt from Hesse’s Siddhartha…


Hesse‘s Siddhartha captured my imagination when I was a graduate student and has continued to stimulate my thinking for over 30 years. Here is an excerpt from the conclusion of the book… Continue reading “An excerpt from Hesse’s Siddhartha…”

Mission accomplished

Can I tell you again how much I love Endomondo? 5 months ago I was not exercising and my life was showing it. Now, thanks to this handy app, I can look back and see that I am making progress. On the 20th of this month I saw that I had already equaled last month’s output so I made a goal to hit 200 miles of exercise for July I reached that objective.

Almost 50,000 calories equaling almost 100 hamburgers slain! For some reason, being able to look back and visually see my progress and getting all these numbers really helps motivate me. Endomondo is kind of like a coach, too, and a riding partner because I frequently use it to race against myself or the clock to get more out of my ride.

I have not yet reached Nirvana, however, I am making progress thanks to a better diet, a lot of bike riding, and Endomondo…

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