A Google Account; so much more than just Gmail

Whenver I begin to work with a new client, I immediately establish a Google Account that we both can share. Why? For practical starters, I don’t want access to someone’s Gmail account — that’s a whole lot of trust issue that I don’t want to deal with. Second, the account gives us a place to create, share and store together. Third? Look at all the tools that come with a Google account at no additional cost. There’s simply nothing that beats a Google Account for good, fast and cheap!


Wan to drive more traffic this summer? Consider this…



97% of consumers search for local businesses online” – The Basics of Local #SEO #infographic #2012

What is Organic SEO?

Infographic: What is Organic SEO? | Marketing Technology Blog.

The Growth of Social Media v2.0

Here’s an infographic for your consideration and planning:

In August 2011, Search Engine Journal published an infographic on the Growth of Social Media.

Today, over 2 years later, we’ve created an updated version. Social media has transitioned into an obsession and almost a way of life for online culture, changing the way we communicate with our colleagues, loved ones, and our favorite brands.

As social media continues to grow in almost every market, the idea that social media is “just a fad” is no longer worth consideration as more and more demographics move toward utilizing social media on an every day basis.

via The Growth of Social Media v2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC] | Search Engine Journal.

The infographic is one of the best I’ve ever seen, however, I am dumfounded as to why they have excluded LinkedIn…

The Growth of Social Media v2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]
Source: The Growth of Social Media v2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Should I care about Google+?

Chatting with a new client in Australia yesterday, he asked the question should I care about Google+. The answer, of course, is an overwhelming yes! Here’s independent proof…

Google favorece sites com páginas no Google+ e cliques +1, revela pesquisa

Google favorece sites com páginas no Google+ e cliques +1, revela pesquisa

Learn How to Avoid the Link Apocalypse!

Hannah Kaufman writes:

Linking is a great way to increase your website’s value. However, there are good ways (white hat) and bad ways (black hat) to do things. We have all heard of the horror stories about what happened when people violated Google’s ethical linking practices. The infographic below has some of the stories and what Google did, as well as the red flags of bad linking.

Learn how to avoid the Link Apocalypse!

via Learn How to Avoid the Link Apocalypse! [Infographic].

Learn How to Avoid the Link Apocalypse! [Infographic]


I don’t want to poison your well, but take a hard look at this infographic and then scroll down to my comments below…

Click image to enlarge…

5 steps to make your social content great [infographic] – Holy Kaw!.

For the most part, I agree these are 5 important steps, but I think the sequence is way out of whack. For example; how can you brainstorm if you haven’t pondered the market. Me? I think if the objective is to be in alignment with your customer’s value demand the sequence should go like this:

  • Ponder the market
  • Brainstorm
  • Big idea
  • Plan delivery
  • Create and Share
  • Kick ass! [I think my friend Nilofer would insert that!]

I don’t know — I’m just a humble internet mechanic! What do you think?

The Business of Obesity

Visual Loop

via The Business of Obesity.

Teachers are heroes

Teachers are heroes

Holy Kaw! via Teachers are heroes [infographic].

impactbnd inbound marketing process FINAL resized 600.jpg

Get more great infographics here:

“Visual content has taken 2012 by storm, and leading the pack is the much beloved and sometimes bemoaned infographic. What on earth is an infographic, you ask?Ha, just kidding. You know what infographics are! Theyre this, and this, and this. But those are all so 2011. What has 2012 delivered marketers in the way of awesome infographics? This post has rounded up the best of the best — the ones that are chock full of information, excel at data visualization, and deliver brand new data to marketers. Take a look at our favorite marketing infographics so far in 2012!” via The 10 Best Marketing Infographics of 2012 So Far.

Business Pundit via Which College Degrees Lead To Higher Unemployment [infographic].

The millennial teenager


The millennial teenager [infographic] – Holy Kaw!.

Boost Your Mind and Body With A Little Sun

Boost Your Mind and Body With A Little Sun – Infographic | FinerMinds.

10 Easy Ways to Lower your Lifespan

10 Easy Ways to Lower your Lifespan via ilovecharts: Continue reading “10 Easy Ways to Lower your Lifespan”

I find a lot of helpful infographics. Here’s another one…

Go to the source if you need a bigger version: Flowchart: How to Develop a Social Media Strategy

Brian Cavoli of BzzAgent shares…

You could say there’s a universe of ways people measure the ROI from their social media marketing. Some of the more popular methods, like counting Facebook “likes” and re-tweets, have very little meaning to the CFO, while other newly developed formulas around engagement can be, well, rather creative.

Only one method, the analysis of sales revenue generated relative to the program investment, delivers ROI in the way it is meant to be measured –  in financial terms. If you think of that as the center of the measurement universe, here’s how the rest of the social measurement solar system might look:

via [Infographic] The Social Media ROI Solar System « BzzAgent Blog – Social Marketing Insights.

The Social Media ROI Universe « The WOMMA Word

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The death of RIM [infographic] – Holy Kaw!

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What Americans fear vs. What Americans SHOULD fear

Need to fear something? The least you can do is get it right… :-D

What Americans fear vs. What Americans SHOULD fear [Infographic] | Matador Network.

Cool ‘infographic’ from Tony Shin!

Purchase of Instagram
Created by: Online MBA Programs
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Brief History of Instagram | Visual.ly

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