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Recommended Reading: Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas

Amazon.com: Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas eBook: John Butman: Kindle Store

Thanks to Tim Kastelle for recommending this awesome book for thought leaders or “idea entrepreneurs” as the author calls them:

In Breaking Out, idea developer and adviser John Butman shows how the methods of today’s most popular “idea entrepreneurs”—including dog psychologist Cesar Millan, French lifestyle guru Mireille Guiliano French Women Don’t Get Fat, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, and many others—can help you take an idea public and build influence for it.It isn’t easy. Butman argues that the rise of the “ideaplex” TED, Twitter, NPR, YouTube, online learning, and all the rest has caused such an explosion in the creation and sharing of ideas that it has become much easier to go public—yet much harder to gain influence. But it can be done.Based on his own experience in advising content experts worldwide, Butman shows how the idea entrepreneur breaks out—by combining personal narrative with rich content, creating many forms of expression from books to live events, developing real-world practices, and creating “respiration” around the idea such that other people can breathe it in and make it their own. The resulting idea platform can reach many different audience groups and continue to build influence for many years and even decades.If you have an idea and want to make a difference in your organization, build a change movement in your community, or improve the world in some way—this book will get you started on the journey to idea entrepreneurship.

via Amazon.com: Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas eBook: John Butman: Kindle Store.

Of course, with any book I recommend like this, I always recommend purchasing the Kindle version for the following reasons:

  • Usually less expensive
  • Searchable
  • Quotable
  • Highlightable
  • Portable
  • Syncable with other devices using Kindle software
  • You can download a sample and ‘test drive’ the book…

Don’t have a Kindle you say? Silly goose! There’s free Kindle software for every device under the sun…

The Top 10 Tiny Buddha Insights from 2012

Lori Deschene at Tiny Buddha is one of my favorite bloggers. Here’s her ‘best of 2012’ post: The Top 10 Tiny Buddha Insights from 2012 | Tiny Buddha.

Endless possibilities…

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

My wife and sons have departed to visit family for the holidays and leaving me with five glorious days alone in the house. The question is how to best spend this treasure. Five empty days without interruption. To some people that might sound like a nightmare but to a father of six boys with three teenagers an eight-year-old currently at home it sounds like heaven. The question is and how to best spend? The possibilities are truly endless! One possibility? Buy a case of beer and load up on sausage and cheese and make it my objective to watch all five seasons of Castle back to back while never changing out of my boxers. Somehow I feel as if I have a higher calling and that this time could be better invested. What if I used the time to actually read the books on my Kindle that I thought I couldn’t live without? What if I use the time to actually do the exercises I gloss over in those self-help books I’ve purchased? What if I ate nothing but good food? What if I use the time to reduce or eliminate coffee from my morning? See what I mean? The possibilities are truly unless but the choices that I make will tell me more about who I really am than anything that I’ve ever written here…

How to Mind Map in Three Small Steps

I have been mindmapping since 2007 and it’s one of the most important skills I possess for many reasons. Follow the link below for some practical steps to get started…

Mind map softwareMy tool of choice these days is Mindmeister; it’s freemium and completely cross platform right down to the tablet and smartphone levels. Full story at:  How to Mind Map in Three Small Steps.

If your happiness is based on always getting a little more than you’ve got…

Seth Godin

…then you’ve handed control over your happiness to the gatekeepers, built a system that doesn’t scale and prevented yourself from the brave work that leads to a quantum leap.

The industrial system (and the marketing regime) adore the mindset of ‘a little bit more, please’, because it furthers their power. A slightly higher paycheck, a slightly more famous college, an incrementally better car–it’s easy to be seduced by this safe, stepwise progress, and if marketers and bosses can make you feel dissatisfied at every step along the way, even better for them.

Their rules, their increments, and you are always on a treadmill, unhappy today, imagining that the answer lies just over the next hill…

All the data shows us that the people on that hill are just as frustrated as the people on your hill. It demonstrates that the people at that college are just as envious as the people at this college. The never ending cycle (no surprise) never ends.

An alternative is to be happy wherever you are, with whatever you’ve got, but always hungry for the thrill of creating art, of being missed if you’re gone and most of all, doing important work.

via Seth’s Blog: If your happiness is based on always getting a little more than you’ve got….

Life is about creating yourself

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernard Shaw

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