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I wanna dance with somebody

“Oh I wanna dance with somebody,
I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.
Oh I wanna dance with somebody,
I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.”

I added a list…

…of my favorites blogs and bloggers to the menu. On that list is a link you can click to add my sources to your Google Reader if you’d like. What? You’re not using Google Reader? Oh, wow! Comment, call or ‘connect’ so we can talk about how this applies to you and your organization…

Zenith Chromacolor TV, 1970s

Retronaut is a fun site that I track in Google Reader. Every once in awhile, I see something that makes me nostalgic like this ad. It makes me think about the passage of time and technology…

I’ll probably be thinking about missing out on the ‘next great thing’ on my deathbed. Sigh… :-/

Go to the source for more: Zenith Chromacolor TV, 1970s | Retronaut.

More ideas for my blogging friends…

Image representing Google Alerts as depicted i...

Out of ideas for your blog posts? Make them come to you using Google Alerts!

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries. Google Alerts – Monitor the Web for interesting new content

You’ll find a fine list of Google Alerts tutorials here

If you really want to take it up a notch, learn how to use Google Reader to create a virtual newspaper to track the sites and searches that interest you. I’ve written a free ebook on the topic of ‘personal news aggregation’ or ‘How to create your own personal news agency’. It’s free for registering at Oh, and I started a new category called ‘blogging tips’ for you. If you want more, come follow me at

Questions? Feedback? Get on it! :-D

What are you doing in my world?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Many years ago, when our son Connor was acquiring language, he said to one of his brothers “what are you doing in my world?”. What made it funny was that he intended to say “what in the world are you doing?”, but his language was much closer to what I think we really mean when we ask that question…

Yesterday, I had a ‘what are you doing in my world?’ experience with my wife. We were driving from Algoma to Warrenville, IL to celebrate my mom’s 75th birthday. During the course of the trip, she…

  • Used Google Maps to find a restaurant in Milwaukee and find her way back to pick me up
  • Commented on my Facebook status from her smartphone
  • Critiqued a couple of blog posts on my personal blog
  • Actually tried to sell my mom on the value of having a smartphone!

…all from her HTC Evo!

Now these might sound like normal things to you, but I have always told people that when it comes to technology, my wife and I have a mixed marriage. Not I’m PC and she’s Mac, but rather I live it, she hates it. Until now, the internet has been my own private playground but apparently that’s not the case anymore — my wife is now critiquing my blog posts! I almost fell over when I was sitting in a meeting and saw that she had commented on my Facebook status. I was even more surprised when she made it back to the place where she dropped me off. I was even more surprised than that when the critiques she offered on my posts was actually good feedback and I think I’m going to listen to her more often [in that regard anyway]…


Same applies to websites or almost any other type of technical work. If you’ve heard me speak, I’m always talking about “good, fast, and cheap” tools. There are a few — like Google Apps for Business — that are all three! Comment, call or use the contact form to connect so we can talk about how this applies to your business…

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Let me count the ways…

“When technologists of the future look back in time, they’ll remember 2009 as the year Google got serious about an internet operating system, speeding up the web, and indexing EVERYTHING in sight. Take a look at the year 2009 in Google.” Source: This Year in Google: The 2009 Edition – Google – Lifehacker

No company produces more good, empowers me more, or innovates more. Go to the source for a reminder of what Google delivered this year…

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It’s an online magazine rack with many of the world’s top sources gathered together by category. It’s an excellent place to shop for great content for Google Reader, too!

…and use Google Apps! I had a chat with a business owner yesterday who was still using a pop mail account to run his business — scheduling meetings with his partners is a nightmare! Enter Google Apps! Here’s a quick overview…

Contact me! I’ll be happy to talk you through it because your organization needs Google Apps, too…

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Comment below or ‘connect’ above so we can talk abut how this applies to your business…

A tool
Image by mag3737 via Flickr

PDC is Personal Digital Coaching and it’s totally different than the kind of experience that’s being discussed here…

“I’ve been reading with great interest this past week as some of the leading web application companies discuss their philosophies regarding the providing of phone support for their services.” WebWorkerDaily » Archive Phone or Email Support – Which Do You Prefer? «

Give me a call at (920) 710-0790 or contact me through the contact page…

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

“Last week, I promised to discuss another source of advantage in decay. We’re going to zoom out instead, in response to a flurry of announcements from Apple, Google, and would-be competitors – to have a richer discussion in the weeks going forward.

It’s funny how flatfooted – how almost inept – everyone else in media, marketing, consumer electronics, mobile, a long and dangerously growing list of industries, seems compared to Apple and Google.

What gives? Why is that everyone that Google and Apple decide to take to the cleaners, well, gets taken to the cleaners?” Click here to read more…

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Boy, do I need this!
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Ummm. Helloooooo!?

This is why they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The Oatmeal has communicated volumes about how the world perceives your email with one image:

You can move to the top with one simple tool: Google Apps! Google Apps allows you to attach Gmail and other powerful business apps to your internet domain in about 10 minutes… 

Use it if you don’t want the world to think you’re a Yahoo!

Google Docs; the next generation


You can read about all the new improvements here. Just a reminder! If you’re already using Google Apps for your organization, these improvements to your product have already been made free of charge…

I love Google Voice!

Image representing Google Voice as depicted in...
Image via CrunchBase

I’ve been a user since the Grand Central days and I love it. Here’s another perspective…

“When I first heard about Google Voice, I immediately submitted my email for an invite, and within a few weeks I received one. April first provided a review of Google Voice and offered 100 invites right here at MUO. Since then, Google continued to progress with Google Voice and add more features.

My initial excitement about Voice quickly faded when I learned that Google Voice will not let you port over your home number yet – although you can use your mobile number, but you’ll be limited to primarily only using the voicemail feature. As I’ve been waiting patiently for Google to offer home number porting (which Google’s help page promises is a feature that’s “coming soon”), I’ve noticed that more cool features keep getting added on to the service, so I thought it’s about time for a list of 5 cool things that you can do with Google Voice.” Source: 5 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Voice

Go to the source for the ‘5 Cool Things’…

Google privacy

Oxymoron or? Digg users voted on the top ten questions to ask Marissa Mayer, Google VP of Search and User Experience. Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, has the interview. Long, but worthwhile — especially if you’re a fan of Google…

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Google unveils their new operating system

Will it be a Microsoft killer? You betcha! It has the power to change the face of computing for the next generation…

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Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Reader Keyboard
Image by paolovalde via Flickr

What? Not using Google reader? I can show you how it will make short work of staying up to date on whatever you’re tracking

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