9 Superfoods for Super Health

David Arenson writes:

Imagine a food that contains high levels of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that can add years to your life, reduce your risk of anything from heart disease and cancer to diabetes and arthritis, make you feel and look better, and has no side effects…

My philosophy is that nature intended all food to be “super!” It’s just that modern farming methods mean the stuff you find in your supermarket is far less than “super.” Wild foods – the wilder the better (the way nature intended them) – are true superfoods.

When we live according to nature, and listen to our bodies, health and vitality come as a natural consequence. Crucial elements of health like nutrition, clean flowing water, clean air, activity/exercise, sunlight, love and passion all work like alchemy to create an optimal homeostatic balance in the body system. With our busy, stressed lifestyles and polluted cities some of these factors have become impaired, hence heightening the importance of superfoods to stave off stress and the onset of chronic diseases.

I have chosen the most readily available superfood categories and the easiest to find, depending on seasonal factors.

I have targeted foods that lower blood sugar levels, which is an essential aspect in slowing the aging process and preventing chronic illnesses.” Get the rest here: 9 Superfoods for Super Health.

Recipe: Tomato and Avocado Grilled Cheese

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