Conversation Starters

It seems inevitable that with time away from screens and stress, and time spent in nature, we start reflecting on larger themes and questions in our lives, and we start asking our loved ones deeper questions. Here are some of our favorite questions to ask to get to know our family and friends better. Source: Our Favorite Conversation Starters – Getaway Journal

Estrangement: The Silent Epidemic

Despite its prevalence, stigma and shame can exacerbate the pain and loss. Source: Estrangement: The Silent Epidemic

Why community matters so much — and how to find yours

A community can serve as a social safety net, but finding one and becoming a part of it is different from simply making friends. Source: Why community matters so much — and how to find yours

Why You Need to Be Happy Alone to Be Close to Another Person

Being with others to avoid being alone will not bring you intimacy. Source: Why You Need to Be Happy Alone to Be Close to Another Person

Weird Little Noises Are What a Great Relationship Sound Like

No one other than your partner may know what you’re saying, but that’s exactly the point. Source: Weird Little Noises Are What a Great Relationship Sound Like

Why the Secrets You Keep Are Hurting You

My partner always says ‘you’re only as sick as the secrets you keep’. True? She’s always right. :-D

Go to the source: Why the Secrets You Keep Are Hurting You

Why Gender Pronouns Matter via @malamatacin

What are your pronouns? Fifty percent of Americans are uncomfortable asking this question but using gender-neutral pronouns and language can create inclusion and help deconstruct the gender binary. Based on interviews with gender diverse people, psychology professor calls for allyship by sharing ways we can act to create gender inclusive spaces and see each other more deeply. “Watch what you say.”
“Be careful how you say it.”
These phrases have even more of an impact today…

What’s Your Emotional Range?

Are you truly living or merely surviving? Source: What’s Your Emotional Range?

What Cats Can Teach Us About Love

I’ve learned alot from cats — especially detachment! Eckhart Tolle said ‘I have met many Zen masters in my life. Most of them cats!’ and I agree. Psychologist John Amodeo shares this: ‘A personal perspective: loving and losing a cherished companion’. Go to the source: What Cats Can Teach Us About Love

8 Signs of Emotional Neglect in Your Family

The emotionally neglectful family may look fine, but it is not. Source: 8 Signs of Emotional Neglect in Your Family

Why Men May Struggle to Communicate Their Feelings

Apparently, the struggle is real: understanding male alexithymia. Source: Why Men May Struggle to Communicate Their Feelings

Facing the Truths That Keep Us from Love via @tarabrach

We look at the often unexamined societal conditioning that, when unseen, perpetuates caste systems that harm ourselves and all involved. Source: Facing the Truths That Keep Us from Love

When Roy Kent hugged Jamie Tartt #bestoftedlasso

Beware of darkness is the PERFECT backdrop to this magical moment…

Please Stop Looking for Your Soulmate

Great relationships are formed, not found. Source: Please Stop Looking for Your Soulmate

5 Ways to Ruin a Good Apology

Avoid these common mistakes for best results. Source: 5 Ways to Ruin a Good Apology

Your Attachment Style Can Help or Harm Your Relationships

The attachment style of both partners impacts the couple’s dynamics. Source: Your Attachment Style Can Help or Harm Your Relationships

Know better. Do better.

In this short clip, Robert de Niro plays a penitent who had taken on a heavy burden to compensate for his sins. Watch what happens next…

Yesterday, I met with a manager over an issue that I was afraid to discuss with him. The frustration had gained interest over a long period of time and in a short, direct conversation it was gone. The weight that I carried was cut from my back and today I am relieved.

Maya Angelou says ‘when I know better I do better’. I know better but I didn’t do better. Know better and do better!

Radical Candor Podcast via @candor #recommended #podcast #communication

Listen to the Radical Candor podcast to learn to give and receive radically candid guidance and feedback like a boss: Radical Candor Podcast | Learn Our Feedback Framework

How to Hold Contradiction with Grace

Holding emotions in tension is essential for our well-being and growth: How to Hold Contradiction with Grace

3 Ways To Stop Remote Work Bullying

Workplace bullying? Oh yeah, it’s a thing — especially during the pandemic!

“The Workplace Bullying Institute describes workplace bullying as: “Repeated mistreatment of an employee by one or more employees; abusive conduct that is: threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, work sabotage, or verbal abuse.” In its 2021 survey, the WBI noted that 43% of remote employees reported being bullied at work with 50% of that bullying taking place in meetings. On this episode of the Radical Candor podcast, Kim, Amy and Jason talk about combatting bullying in remote work environments.”

Follow this link to listen to the podcast and gather resources: Radical Candor Podcast | 3 Ways To Stop Remote Work Bullying

Opposing Evil without Becoming It via @richardrohrofm

“Today, I offer a journal entry from Etty Hillesum (1914–1943), a young Jewish woman who was killed at Auschwitz. In her diary, she recreates a conversation with her friend, writer Klaas Smelik, about the hatred and bullying she saw within her own community: Klaas, all I really wanted to say is this: we have so much work to do on ourselves that we shouldn’t even be thinking of hating our so-called enemies. We are hurtful enough to one another as it is. And I don’t really know what I mean when I say that there are bullies and bad characters among our own people, for no one is really “bad” deep down. I should have liked to reach out to that [bully] with all his fears, I should have liked to trace the source of his panic, to drive him ever deeper into himself, that is the only thing we can do, Klaas, in times like these.” Source:

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