Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: “That woman from Michigan”

I wasn’t born in Michigan but I got here as fast as I could. I love my Governor and I’m proud to support her and the work that she’s done. I hope that she’ll be the first woman president — if anyone can do it, ‘Big Gretch’ can!

The Beauty of Ukraine. Слава Україні!

I’d venture to say that one of the reasons we don’t care enough about what’s happening in Ukraine is we see them as an ‘unreal other’ but Ukrainians are people like us and the Russians are raping their beautiful country. Perhaps this will help someone see the Ukrainians as people and take action to help them.

What Can Be Done About Our Deep Political Divisions? via @PsychToday

“Long-form journalism traditionally prompted us to “stop and think.” By contrast, today’s partisan news and social media outlets often encourage us to “hurry up and feel.” As a result, our ability to think and argue with our fellow citizens has regrettably atrophied. Accordingly, we have to start exercising our deliberative social skills and discerning media habits once more.” Source: What Can Be Done About Our Deep Political Divisions? | Psychology Today

How To Talk To Your MAGA Friends & Family

Never bring data to a values fight!

Change 2020: Choice or Chance?

Better decisions arise from honest personal inquiries: Change 2020: Choice or Chance?

Debate pain.

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