The 100 best TV shows of all time

The Quiet Man: my St. Patrick’s Day film recommendation…

The Quiet Man is available to stream on Hulu, FilmBox, Paramount+ and Epix. You can also rent or buy it starting at $2.99. See where to watch The Quiet Man on Source: The Quiet Man (1952) – Watch on Hulu, FilmBox, Paramount+, Epix, and Streaming Online

Here are some others for you…

Why Is Every New TV Show About Scammers?

There’s a limit to how often we can question our faith in humanity, and the latest TV trend seems like it wants to push us beyond it. Source: Why Is Every New TV Show About Scammers?

btw, if you haven’t seen Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” (the subject of the featured image) , I highly recommended it. See

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