Why are INFJ and ENFJ Men So Rare?

“The ENFJ and INFJ men who do exist can take comfort in knowing that their unique set of caring and nurturing traits are needed badly everywhere.”

Why are INFJ and ENFJ Men So Rare?

Research tells us that just 2.8 percent of all men are either INFJs or ENFJs. This is a super-low percentage, revealing that the NFJ set of personality characteristics is only rarely measured among men who take the Myers-Briggs personality typing system test. Source: Why are INFJ and ENFJ Men So Rare?

Understanding Defensiveness As A Coping Skill

Why Do We Get Defensive?

Defensiveness can mean trying to counter or deny criticisms in areas where you feel sensitive, afraid, guilty, or deceitful. In some cases, defensiveness may arise if you felt the need to use specific coping skills in childhood or adolescence to survive, and those skills were helpful at the time. As an adult, however, defensiveness may no longer serve you. Additionally, defensive habits may cause difficulties in pushing others away or communicating. Source: Understanding Defensiveness As A Coping Skill | BetterHelp

Behold the power of art!

Had you heard that Banksy is in Ukraine? NPR reports “Banksy’s work, which the artist posted on Instagram Friday to 11.2 million followers, features a gymnast balancing on a pile of rubble with her hands”. Go to the source: A new Banksy mural adorns a destroyed building in Ukraine

Here are some examples:

Rubble into art
Victory in dance
This one is my favorite. Putin has a black belt in Judo. The message is unmistakable!

Never Freak Out

If you can prevent your emotions from taking over in the face of stress, you can avoid a lot of regret and set a good example for others. Source: Never Freak Out

Great Managers Give Great Feedback

To do the work of management well, you have to invest in people’s growth. Source: Great Managers Give Great Feedback

What Cats Can Teach Us About Love

I’ve learned alot from cats — especially detachment! Eckhart Tolle said ‘I have met many Zen masters in my life. Most of them cats!’ and I agree. Psychologist John Amodeo shares this: ‘A personal perspective: loving and losing a cherished companion’. Go to the source: What Cats Can Teach Us About Love

Radical Candor Podcast via @candor #recommended #podcast #communication

Listen to the Radical Candor podcast to learn to give and receive radically candid guidance and feedback like a boss: Radical Candor Podcast | Learn Our Feedback Framework

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