Never Freak Out

If you can prevent your emotions from taking over in the face of stress, you can avoid a lot of regret and set a good example for others. Source: Never Freak Out

Great Managers Give Great Feedback

To do the work of management well, you have to invest in people’s growth. Source: Great Managers Give Great Feedback

What Cats Can Teach Us About Love

I’ve learned alot from cats — especially detachment! Eckhart Tolle said ‘I have met many Zen masters in my life. Most of them cats!’ and I agree. Psychologist John Amodeo shares this: ‘A personal perspective: loving and losing a cherished companion’. Go to the source: What Cats Can Teach Us About Love

Radical Candor Podcast via @candor #recommended #podcast #communication

Listen to the Radical Candor podcast to learn to give and receive radically candid guidance and feedback like a boss: Radical Candor Podcast | Learn Our Feedback Framework

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