Lake Michigan Sunset

In the 6 months I’ve been living here, I don’t know if I’ve seen a colder and/or more beautiful sunset.

Yusuf/Cat Stevens: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

I’m being followed by a Moonshadow…

The Cranberries: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Do you have to let it linger?

Bono and The Edge: Tiny Desk Concert

No More Lonely Nights

Only true Paul McCartney fans will know this obscure, sweet song. I guess that makes me a true fan…

Jug of Punch

I sang this song to me boyos as a ‘lullaby’ when they were young. My favorite verse is “What more diversion can a man desire that to sit him down by a snug, turf fire? On his knee a pretty wench aye and on the table a jug of punch”.

My other favorite…

Steve Winwood’s ‘Higher Love’: “A modern hymn”

The lyrics of Winwood’s classic hit read like a dissertation on the divine. Click the link to read the original article: Steve Winwood’s ‘Higher Love’: “A modern hymn”

Hermann Hesse’s Quotes you should know Before you Get Old

At one time, I thought my destiny was to become a world famous Hermann Hesse scholar. While I did not accomplish that objective, my love for Hesse and his work still grows with each new discovery. Thanks to my friend Dalia for sending me the quote in the first place. Of course something this good deserves the full meme treatment…

What 20 Seconds of Hugging Can Do for You

Read the article: What 20 Seconds of Hugging Can Do for You

Merton, Eckhart & the Search for Our True & Deeper Selves

Human beings have to dig and work at finding our deep and true self.  If we do not, we live superficially out of fear or greed or addiction and set ourselves up for false idols and lies.  For someone else’s expectations for us which can set us up for dictatorship of many kinds. Indeed, it may be… Read More » Merton, Eckhart & the Search for Our True & Deeper Selves, continued – Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox

On missed opportunities

This morning as I was roaring down the highway heading to Planet Fitness, I looked over to my right and in an instant, I took in a wonderful sight: two swans swimming over a mirror-like pond with a full moon setting in the background. An image of a lifetime. I reacted too slowly to capture it though and in my mind I began to think over alternatives: I could backup along the side of the road, but it was too far. I could come back tomorrow morning, but I checked the weather and the forecast is overcast. Still, I drove on with full moon playing peekaboo behind buildings and trees beckoning for me to come closer. I decided to go for the next best thing at that point and I took a detour down to Silver Beach where I took these pictures. In between the time at the pond and the time it took to get to the beach, however, the moon was almost gone…

Beautiful images to be sure but is there a takeaway here? Perhaps one of my favorites: take advantage of the unique opportunity. Nothing can make up for the moment that is lost! As Thich Nhat Hanh famously said ‘I will die soon. You will die soon. This moment is all we have’…

‘A serious-minded kid:’ Pete Buttigieg aimed high early

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — It was a running joke in his AP U.S. history class at Saint Joseph High School: Would Peter Buttigieg — the smartest kid in class, language whiz and devotee of John F. Kennedy — use his unusual last name in his eventual run for president of the United States? Source: ‘A serious-minded kid:’ Pete Buttigieg aimed high early

Why are INFJ and ENFJ Men So Rare?

“The ENFJ and INFJ men who do exist can take comfort in knowing that their unique set of caring and nurturing traits are needed badly everywhere.”

Why are INFJ and ENFJ Men So Rare?

Research tells us that just 2.8 percent of all men are either INFJs or ENFJs. This is a super-low percentage, revealing that the NFJ set of personality characteristics is only rarely measured among men who take the Myers-Briggs personality typing system test. Source: Why are INFJ and ENFJ Men So Rare?


A Stoic Idea Worth Tattooing On Your Body via @dailystoic

Don’t ask me what you should do, ask how to be made adaptable.


Eliminate the inessential


Lesson #3 from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius: Eliminate the Inessential. Most of what we do is not essential. Most of it is instinctual or it was foisted on us by someone else. Most of it isn’t actually working for us. We might be better and happier if we changed. We might have more tranquility if we did less, as Marcus said. This is the 3rd video in the @dailystoic series where Ryan Holiday breaks down applicable life lessons from his years of reading and studying Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. Follow @dailystoic to make sure you don’t miss one of the powerful lessons. #dailystoic #stoicism #marcusaurelius #philosophy #meditations #lifelessons #improvement

♬ original sound – dailystoic

Come sit with me

I’m a lucky guy. I live in Michigan in an unincorporated area called Lake Michigan Beach. Days like yesterday make me think I’m really blessed to be here! Come and sit with me on this bench and we’ll count the waves together…

The Reason I’m Single via @maryspender

I’ve got no love for Miley Cyrus but I could listen to Mary Spender sing me the phone book!

The Last Dance

If you haven’t seen this in awhile, it’s to relive the greatnes. If you’ve never seen it what’s wrong with you?

Looking for peace?

May be an image of text that says '"Nowhere you can go is more peaceful more free of interruptions your own soul." MARCUS AURELIUS'

Source: Facebook

Survey Reveals The #1 Quality That Makes A Man Worth Marrying

What’s the ‘one thing’?

The survey says “the vast majority of respondents agree that the number one quality that makes a man worth marrying is his ability to communicate, followed closely by honesty and reliability.”

Survey Reveals The #1 Quality That Makes A Man Worth Marrying | YourTango

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