10 Text Messages to Never Send Your Ex

“Are we ever justified in texting our ex-partners? Normally, if something’s over, it should be over for good. However, experts claim that in today’s digital age we never really break up with our partners. Despite positive thinking and a positive outlook of life, it’s harder and harder to avoid people you don’t want to speak to ever again, especially if their faces are all over your Instagram and Facebook feeds. That can only lead you into the temptation to reach for your phone and text your ex with messages you’ll only regret.

In some situations, texting your ex isn’t that much of a horrid mistake. But you need to make sure that you’re not in an emotional standstill and you’re giving yourself some space to move on. It’s very rare that relationships end in friendship, despite what you might tell yourself. That’s certainly a very polarizing opinion yet, in fact, a study in 2000 found that it’s nearly impossible to stay “just friends.” So, the best thing is to break away if you can. No matter how tempted you are, here are some texts you should never even consider sending your ex, even if you’ve decided you’ll stay friends after the break-up. Source: https://www.powerofpositivity.com/10-text-messages-never-send-ex/

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