How Corn Syrup Makes America Fat

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  1. My family searched high and low for bread without this in when we lived in the USA. None of the family could work out why the bread tasted so sweet to us and then we started to check the ingredients list There it was.

    We are English and this stuff is now starting to be included in a great deal of products here too.

    It is not only this that is the problem.. I believe that American tastes are now so used to sugary sweetness that it would take years to reverse out of the food chain. We were stunned by how sweet savory dishes tasted and generally we tended to cook foor ourselves after we had been there for some time. When cooking for our American friends we often added sweetening which seemed to suit their palates.


    1. Thank you, Tony. It bothers me that our government subsidizes corn and then wants to introduce ObamaCare to take care of all the health problems it causes. Seems to me they should just stop with the corn subsidies and we’d all be better off…


      1. Bothers me too. I can’t believe Obama started with his health reform and looked at the UK NHS as an example. The NHS has been effectively bust for 15 years and can’t continue as it is in my opinion.


  2. Reblogged this on Heritage and trail cooking and commented:
    I was never a fan of High Fructose Corn syrup. In the mid 70’s it started to show in more and more products. It worried me because I did not believe for a minute that companies were replacing sugar with HFCS because it was healthier. Then in 1976 a friend in the AG products industry confided in me that he was being put in charge of a nationwide campaign to discredit sugar. The reason? So that HFCS could be introduced under the consumer radar. It worked, and the company he worked for is still making hundreds of millions in the production and sales of HFCS. Today, my friend is an advocate of organic foods and has a hobby farm in ohio where he grows his own food.


      1. I think it was a great post you put up. Thanks for letting me share it. I hope lots of people read about it. I used to teach newly diagnosed diabetics in the early 80’s. I was continually warning them of HFCS and how its like a nuclear bomb to the pancreas. Again, thanks my friend!


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